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Toradora! Season 1 Episode 8

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The sports contest between Taiga and Ami is decided, and if Ami wins, Ryūji will come over to her villa over summer break, leaving Taiga alone. When the class passes around a paper, taking bets on who will win Ryūji in the end, Ryūji places his bet on Taiga and helps her practice. However, after Ryūji insists that she wants to win for Kitamura and says that he would go to Ami’s villa alone if she wanted, Taiga is furious and refuses to compete. As the competition begins, Taiga is nowhere to be found, but when Taiga realizes that Ryūji packed her lunch with extra meat, like how she asked, she decides to participate. When Taiga hurts her ankle, Ryuuji jumps into the pool to stop her from continuing, but Taiga declares that she wants to win for him and he should be happy about that, so Ryuuji lets her go. However, when Taiga is pushing for the lead, a few boys are pushed into the pool and Ryūji is knocked out. Realizing that Ryūji is in danger, Taiga turns around and goes to save him, losing the match. Afterward, Ryūji regains consciousness for a brief moment and Taiga is shaken and angry to the point where she screams that Ryūji is hers. In the end, all the main characters decide to visit Ami’s villa to spend their summer break together.

Nama Episode:For Whose Sake?